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Keep Google AdWords Ads On Google First Page Constantly

Keep Your AdWords Ads on Page 1 of Google Forever

google adwords service

The Smart Choice for Google AdWords Ad Sponsors

Are you in trouble with the following problems when using Google AdWords?

  1. You can’t find one experienced PPC manager?
  2. Your AdWords Ads not show on Google’s 1st page;
  3. Your AdWords Ads only display on the 1st page intermittently;
  4. You have a low quality score Ad, so a high cost per click;
  5. Ads always show on the right side, meaning less clicks than expected;
  6. You have to pay high fees to your PPC manager.
Most of our clients had the same problems as you; but these problems have been solved with our Google AdWords Ads 1st Page Annual Service.

Our Google AdWords Ads 1st Page Annual Service guarantee that at any time (stable) within the service year (365*24 hours), when Internet users in your targeted locations search for your keyword, your Ads will appear as a Sponsored Link on the Google search result 1st page.

Once you use our service, you will

You Don’t Need To Pay A PPC Manager Anymore

Use less money to get more Adwords clicks

Keep Ads in Google 1st page foreverKeep Your Ads Showing On Google Search Result 1st Page Constantly

We will guarantee that at any time (constant) within the service year (365*24 hours), when Internet users in your targeted locations search for your keyword, your Ads will appear in Sponsored Links position on Google search result 1st page;

High Quality Score To Get Better PositionHigh Quality Score For A Better Position & More Clicks

We have many Google certified AdWords experts. Our professional AdWords optimization team is proficient in setting up & optimizing AdWords Ads. We check all aspects of your ads to enhance Ad’s quality score, then we could use lower cost to obtain a better position and constant display;

save more adwords costSave Costs With True Professionals. Do Not Go It Alone

NO need to pay any Service Fees!

NO need to pay any salary to PPC manager!

Lower AdWords annual cost for each keyword than your own operation;

higher ROIHigher Returns For a Lower Cost

High Quality Score red-right-arrow Constant 1st page display red-right-arrow More clicks to Your AdWords Ads red-right-arrow Better Returns.

Keep same investment as before, You will get better returns!

Carl_HamptonI can’t believe they could offer such a good service. After tried some keywords, I decided to promote all my keywords via websiteservicer.com . I don’t need to spend time setting up my AdWords Ads, I paid less money than by doing it myself. More important, all keywords could show on Google Search result 1st page stable. I like this.

Sophie Zhou

Export Manager, Brown Shoe Company

What’s the cost of “Google AdWords Ads 1st Page Annual Service”?

No Fixed Cost. Send us the keywords you want to promote in AdWords, we will give you a quotation based on the degree of competition your keywords have; estimated search quantities; click quantities; click costs etc.

Different keyword, Different Cost.

Different Targeted Location, Different Cost.

Different Language, Different Cost.

So we suggest you offer 3-10 keywords you want to promote via AdWords, tell us your targeted location and your targeted language (English as default). Then you can choose the right keywords based on our quotation.

Note 1: All countries and territories is the most cost-effective (for example: keyword “uvflatbed printer”, cost is $600 for US & Europe, but just $720 for All countries and territories). If yours is a global business, it’s better to choose All countries and territories as your targeted location.

Note 2: The mini targeted location is “Country”. We not accept “city” as targeted location.

Carl_HamptonI just started my small business in Feb 2015. I had thought I didn’t have enough money to use AdWords. But my friend recommended websiteservicer.com to me. They don’t charge a service fee. This can save me around $840 every year. I buy their service for 3 keywords, and it’s just $2200 for a full-year. That’s a very reasonable price. My Ads show on the 1st page as promised. I can get 80-130 clicks from AdWords each day now. I am very satisfied with the results.

Solomon Wang

Business Development Manager

How to Buy “Google AdWords Ads 1st Page Annual Service” ?

buy Adwords service

  • Send us 3-10 keywords which you want to promote; if you want to show Ads in just a particular area, let us know. If not, we will quote for global Ads.;
  • After you receive your quotation, choose your keywords; then arrange payment ( How to pay? ).
  • Once payment has been processed, send us your Ad content. (Refer to: https://support.google.com/adwordspolicy/answer/6021630?hl=en)
  • Once we agree on Ad content, we will start to set up & publish your Ads;
  • Once your Ads start to appear online, we will inform you, and begin our full-year maintenance service;
  • We also will offer suggestions about how to optimize your target page, in order to get better Conversion Rates.

Payment & Guarantee & When To Start Service?

Payment wayPayment methods: You could pay via Paypal, Bank Transfer, Wester Union etc

Payment options:

1. 100% payment on agreement; in this case, a 5% discount is offered. Meaning you only pay 95% of quotation.

2. 60% payment up front, then the balance of 40% within next 6 months.

servicer guarantee

Our Guarantee

In case your ads do not show on Google search result 1st page:

1. If it is for reasons caused by us, we offer you the same amount of days that were lost as compensation.

2. If the client’s website violates Google’s regulations during the service period, we will give a refund that corresponds with the days remaining in our agreement.

whenstart service

When To Cacualte Service Starting Time?

Once make your Ads live, we will inform you to check, and start to calculate the service starting time (start from ad alive online).

request free quotationWe had been operating our PPC project by ourselves. We spent much money on staff salaries and PPC operator training each year. But after we tried Websiteservicer.com’s service, we decide to outsource our PPC project to them. Change our PPC team salary to AdWords clicks via one expert company. What a good idea.

Sam Talley

Creative director, Juice Beauty, Inc.

Client Case Studies

The following case is for reference only. If you cannot find them, the ads may have been stopped. Contact us to get the latest cases.

Keyword: Wooden beer table

Site: www.nbjiaheng.com

Check: https://www.google.com/search?q=Wooden+beer+table

Site: www.unihydraulic.com

Keywords: hydraulic piston pump

Check: https://www.google.com/search?q=hydraulic+piston+pump

Site: www.ebi-bearings.com

Keywords: auto bearing, chinese bearing

Check: https://www.google.com/search?q=auto+bearing


Site: www.jchmould.com

Keywords: hardware accessories; machining accessories

Check: https://www.google.com/search?q=hardware+accessories


Our AdWords Experienced Years


Average Cost Saving to Clients

Clients Serviced


Average Traffic Increase for Clients

Clients Being Serviced


returning Customers

Keywords Worked


Annual Client Growth

Read below to know more details

① Why We Can Offer This Awesome AdWords Service?


Superior AdWords Technique

google adwords expert

Google AdWords operation is a highly technical job. For most new employees, several months training is necessary before working with AdWords. Google Adwords is strict with regard to an ads quality score. If it is not done expertly, ad quality score will be very low, resulting in ads not showing in Google search result pages, or not showing on the 1st page, or only displaying intermittently, or showing with costing more money.

We have many Google certified AdWords experts. Our professional AdWords optimization team is proficient in setting up & optimizing AdWords Ads. That allows us to enhance all aspects of your ads in order to improve your ads quality score, lowering the cost. Then we can use the lower costs to obtain a better position and a more constant display.This is why you should choose us!

Very Reasonable Price


With many years of AdWords experience, we can evaluate the full-year click cost for any keyword to a very accurate degree. Not only can we provide an annual service at a lower cost, we can also ensure a reasonable profit at the same time.

For example: Same ranking on the 1st page, if your Adwords cost is $5 per click, our cost may be just $3, then we just charge you $4. So for the same keyword ranking on Google search’s 1st page, our annual cost is much lower than your own doing. You save in AdWords cost, AdWords operator fees and salaries, and we get a reasonable benefit. This is why you should choose us!

Big Customer rewards


As a big Google AdWords customer, Google gives us some rewards each year.


② Is “Google AdWords Ads first Page Annual Service” a Google service?

No. Google does not provide this annual keyword ranking service. This is our own business; we are not agents of Google.

In the final analysis, this Google AdWords Ads 1st Page Annual Service is still a pay per click (PPC) service.

We estimate your annual keyword-click cost for your quote.

In other words, every quotation includes the full-year cost of your keywords. If the cost is beyond our quotation, the increase is borne by us; if it is less than our quotation, it is to our benefit.

③ What is the position of our client’s AdWords Ads?
This service guarantee our client’s Ads will display in the Sponsored Links position on Google search result 1st page for the whole year of the service (right side Sponsored Links is the default position. The left side Sponsored Links is for high quality-score ads which Google systems evaluated. Right or left, not always sure, but the guarantee is that ads always appear on the 1st page).

Google adwords position

④ Is there any limit on Google AdWords Ads first Page Annual Service?
No. As long as your business is allowed by AdWords, you can avail of this service!

Click to check AdWords limit: https://support.google.com/adwordspolicy/answer/6008942?hl=en

  • There is no limit on area, language, or products. We accept all products ads which Google AdWords allow.

NOTE: As an experiment, you could search keywords via Google that you want to promote via AdWords, checking to see if there are any other sponsored ads, possibly even your competitors. If there is, you can be there too.

⑤ How to Check Your Ad Status?
Simply search for the keyword you are promoting in Google from an IP/computer within your targeted location, or have a friend do it for you. Then check the position of your ad on Google’s 1st page.
⑥ Why can't I find my Ads on Google’s first page sometimes?
If you can’t find your ads on Google search result 1st page, please confirm if any of the below listed problems are present:

  1. Keyword Misspelling— if yes, correct your spelling and check again.
  2. Using an Ad block plug-in in your browser — if yes, disable, remove or delete the plug-in and check again.
  3. Are there any other ads on the right hand side of the Google search result 1st page—if there are no other ads, then there are problems with your browser. Try to solve the problem as per the below instructions:
  • Clear your browsers cache & cookies, then check again.
  • Use a Private Browsing function—For IE & Firefox browser, use the hotkey: Ctrl + Shift +P. For Google Chrome, use the hotkey: Ctrl + Shift +N. Then check again in a private browsing condition.

More Information: No ads on Google search results 1st page, or no ads at the right hand side of the 1stpage (just some ads on the left side), are all caused by browser problems.

Usually, it is caused by cache and cookies because of searching for the same keyword repeatedly from the same browser in a short space of time. Sometimes, using a VPN (Proxy) can also cause this problem.

Under such abnormal conditions, we can’t guarantee client ads will always show on Google search result 1stpage. But you not need to worry about this, the normal Google user does not need to use a VPN (Proxy), and also does not search for the same keyword repeatedly in a short time, so generally, this abnormal situation does not happen.

⑦ I have concerns. Can I have a trial?
Yes, You Can.

After you receive your quotation, you can choose one low-cost keyword to use in a trial. Also, you can pay 60% for the first half year. That will likely be less than $1000. Alleviating many concerns.

Once you test and verify our service (keep your Adwords ads are on the first page of Google) you can then pay the balance, and buy the service for your other keywords.

⑧ Can I pay for the service per month or per quarter?
Unfortunately, this cannot be accepted.

  • A month’s cost can differ for the same keyword (high or low season, demand changes etc). We could estimate the full-year cost for one keyword based on a previous year’s data, it is impossible to estimate one month’s cost for one keyword.
  • Our quotation is based on the cost of one full year. If a monthly or quarterly payment is permitted, some clients will avail of the service only for their busy season. This is not a fair practice on our business model.
  • Also, many businesses cannot get an obvious result (such as direct sales, website sign-ups, or other action clients want to get) in a short time (maybe because of seasonal variations in business, few monthly clicks etc) . So if short time service, many clients would believe it’s our service problem, not their business reason. Therefore we can’t accept monthly or quarterly payments (half-year payment would be accepted).
⑨ What result can be guaranteed? Daily clicks or Conversion rates?
We guarantee: At any time within the service year (365*24 hours), when Internet users in your targeted locations search for your keyword, your Adwords Ads will appear in the Sponsored Links position On Google search result first page. That is all.

Different keywords get different daily click rates, so this can’t be estimated. Obviously, a high-cost keyword will likely get more clicks than lower cost keyword.

Conversion rate can’t be guaranteed. What you can do is: optimize your target page content, offer high-quality products, and more competitive prices, to achieve a high Conversion rate.

I have spent so much money on PPC management companies claiming they can help me to get a high quality-score, a stable display, and more clicks at a lower cost than by doing it myself. All charge me a high service fee & a high PPC cost, but their work was not as good as we expected!

Since I have been with websiteservicer.com, my ads always show on Google results 1st page. I get more clicks than before. More importantly, it’s a reasonable one-time cost, no need to worry about going over budget. Much lower costs than by doing it myself.

Carl Hampton

Senior Construction Project Manager

Get Free Adwords Clicks For Full-year

Fire PPC manager ===> Salary to Adwords via us ===>Free clicks

I’m Arthur Huang, Founder & CEO of Websiteservicer.com.

We are a Chinese company. Our primary services are in Google AdWords, Press Release Writing & Submission, and Boosting the Alexa Rank of websites.

We have spent 6 years optimizing Google AdWords and Ads for our clients. We have an expert AdWords team of 24 people, and a Sales & Service Department of 46 people now.

Our two technical department managers came to us from Google. On average, every technical department staff member has more than 3 years experience in Google AdWords optimization.

Prior to 2015, we only offered our services to Chinese International trade companies. We have serviced more than 3000 companies in the last 5 years, optimized more than 10000 keywords, and generated a cost saving of at least 25% for our clients. Now, more than 70% of our clients are returning clients. Our exclusive AdWords optimization technology ensures a high level of client satisfaction.

From March 2015, we began to offer our Adwords optimization service to clients worldwide.

We do our very best to offer a better service to every client. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Arthur Huang

Adwords service company

Arthur Huang

Founder & CEO, Websiteservicer

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